With an award winning eye for lighting and camera I have a proven track record leading production crews to deliver distinctive cinematic images. No matter the scale or budget, whether narrative, commercial, interviews or testimonials. 

I have an unrelenting commitment to the craft of visual storytelling, which I bring with my extensive technical experience and unique story perspective to every project.



"Stephan Dalyai is a brilliant Director of Photography. He has an artful eye, really knows how to tell story and reveal character visually, lights beautifully, and works fast. He's a joy to work and collaborate with, and his enthusiasm on set extends to the whole crew. My multi-award-winning half hour short film won a Best Cinematography award due to his work. Cannot wait to work together again."

-GLENN CAMHI, Writer/Director on The Bunglers

"Stephan has a passion and a gift for interpreting light. His many years of experience provides him with the knowledge and the tools to recreate and capture beautiful images on film and video. His calm demeanor and excellent communication skills allows him to work quickly and efficiently whether it be with a large Hollywood film crew or small independent production. Stephan is an asset to any production."

-SPENCER McDONALD, Owner-Photographer at McDonald/Kean Photography